This is a time of renaissance for me, as my favorite styles of indie games are at their prime and are popping up left and right. Chasm, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, Delver’s Drop, and more. The newest game to just recently catch my eye is Shadowcrypt, One-Bit Punch’s homage to the classics.

According to the team, the game is most reminiscent of Zelda II: The Adventures of Link in gameplay, and Castlevania in style and atmosphere. What you get is a game that is visual representative both of it’s point of reference, and the state of indies today.

The trailer above shows off the basic idea of Shadowcrypt, which is to be a very simple and derivative sidescrolling adventure. Travelling through dark cave to defeat monsters and collect loot is all simple for sure, but it comes off as both relaxing and welcoming.

Ironically, stylistically the game reminds me of Adult Swim Games’ Volgarr the Viking, which has a similar protagonist, but exchanges ultra precise SNES difficulty with what the developer describes as “tactical sword & shield combat, atmosphere and elegant simplicity.”

Looking at the trailer, the game looks to have combat that varies depending on attack height, which could make for exciting altercations. Think Nidhogg, but with vikings.

With over 70 labrynths to explore and tons of loot to collect, Shadowcrypt looks like a lesser known indie title that is definitely shaping up well and is worth looking into.

If you are curious, you can learn more about Shadowcrypt over at One-Bit Punch’s IndieDB page. They don’t have a website yet, nor do they have a twitter. All future updates will be coming there up until the game launches in a few weeks.