Mysterious countdowns sure are the real deal these days. One of the most mysterious yet, however, appeared very recently. Project V1‘s cryptic website is going to reach zero in the next 24 hours, and due to its vagueness, there seems to be zero speculation about what it could be.

We touched on the teaser here.

But I have a crazy idea.

Who’s to say that Project V1 couldn’t be hinting at a revival of Capcom’s Viewtiful Joe series? Other than the odd tone and pulse of the website itself, it seems to stack up pretty nicely.

First off, the page has, in bold letters “He is Coming…”. This tells me the character is recognizable and is making a return. It could also be introducing a new character from a new franchise entirely. Viewtiful Joe does decent to fit this bill. He’s an iconic character from his era. Capcom fans know him, most gamers know him. Obviously, he isn’t a household name, but I’m not sure of that is the goal here. The project is called V one, the V could easily stand for Viewtiful Joe.

Next, if you look at the tags of the page, the game is associated with all current platforms. Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, 3DS and Playstation Vita are all included. In order for a game to possibly conceive of reaching an system base that large, it seems likely that the game is backed by a large Publisher. Enter, Capcom.

The idea of a Viewtiful Joe game being on all platforms, oddly including the long dead Wii, feels possible. Viewtiful Joe found his beginnings on the GameCube, and was always console or handheld bound. The recent reboot of Strider hit the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. This shows that Capcom is capable of bringing a rebooted game to a huge audience. A smaller, Strider sized Viewtiful Joe reboot would fit really well on all of those platforms, even the Wii. A company the size of Capcom would also have no trouble setting up a viral campaign of this type.

Of course there is still a chance that was just to drive up the mystery and increase search engine listings…

Lastly, the mysterious helmet. The helmet is the only reference we have besides the cryptic test. Once again, the helmet doesn’t count out good old Viewtiful Joe. When closely examined, his helmet seems eerily similar:

The helmet looks vastly redesigned in shape, but it could be more reflective of a new art style in a Viewtiful Joe reboot. Even the signature V could be present. The marks protruding from the largely faded away top of the helmet could be concealing a huge V. If they had included it, it would have been way too obvious.

I also could be totally wrong. Though, when there is this little to work with, and almost no one touching on it, it’s fun to speculate.

Plus, we’d get a new Viewtiful Joe game out of the deal.

We’ll find out for sure tomorrow, May 30th, when the countdown hits zero and the curtain drops.

What do you think Project V1 is? Leave a comment below!