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The much anticipated Watch_Dogs is finally here but does it live up to the hype. Well I’ll be the first to tell you that it is not in fact the second coming but is a pretty good game. This game is easily one of the most over hyped games to be released in quite a while. To be fair Ubisoft had a hand in this when they first revealed the demo a couple years ago at E3. The graphics are not  quite what they showed but they are pretty good. Of course this is a review of the PS4 version so your millage may very but its a pretty nice and fun GTA Clone (oh, no he didn’t!). The only downside to this title is that it has the misfortune of being released after GTA 5. The entire time I was playing all I could think about was how GTA 5 did things better. Sure, Its a great looking game but if you don’t have solid mechanics then its pretty much a movie. Now not to say this game isn’t fun. The game-play is very reminiscent of Sleeping Dogs (shocking) and that’s a good thing. I know a lot of people where very critical of Sleeping Dogs but I thought it was a solid game, but I digress. On to the review.

Watch_Dogs takes place in Chicago in the near future where the city is pretty much controlled by a software system called ctOS. The games story and mechanics pretty much all revolve around Aiden (The main character) hacking and modifying the system to help him find out who killed his niece. Its a pretty basic plot but sometimes that’s a good thing. Through out the game you find new and different ways to use ctOS to your advantage and have fun with it.


The graphics are easily one of the best available right now but not the best ( I personally feel this goes to Second Son). This is the most talked about part of the game because a lot of people felt that this was going to the best in show in this department. The graphics are great and more then enough to convey the story and game-play, At the end of day that’s all that really matter.

I personally can say that Watch_Dogs is a great Next Gen pick up and if you haven’t gotten a NG Console then its still a pretty good current gen game.