The Binding of Isaac Rebirth is coming through to look better and better every day. Edmund McMillen, while posting frequent updates to his tumblr blog about the game. Needless to say, with nearly 200 hours of Isaac under my belt (which is humble in comparison to many players even) I’m unequivocally excited about this fresh take on Mom’s basement. Even more exciting is the most recent news, as McMillen has revealed the newest Isaac character: Eden.

Eden is one of the coolest characters yet. Eden’s abilities are completely randomized. Starting out with “evenly” randomized stats, one pick-up item, two starting items, and a randomized hair style.

There is a catch. To prevent infinite rerolling of stats, you must earn “Mom Kill” points to use Eden. McMillen states that Eden is worth using, as beating the whole game with the character will earn bonuses that are “so worth the effort”.

McMillen says that he expects many players to have a love/hate relationship with Eden.

There is no confirmed release date for The Binding of Isaac Rebirth yet. It is expected on PS4, Playstation Vita and PC.