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The much anticipated Wolfenstein has finally released on all major platforms. In this review we will take a look at Bethesda’s newest title and give our thoughts on it.

In this game you once again play as the ever bad-ass William Joseph Blazkowicz. The protagonist from all of the other Wolfenstein games (excluding the online multiplayer Enemy Territory). Not much has changed for are leading man, He’s still an Army Ranger with a knack for killing Nazi’s. The only problem is that the Nazi’s are for some reason are using technology that should not exist yet so he journeys to find out the answer to how they got it.


The Story

The plot and script for this game are pretty much cheesy through and through but this is one case where it is not really a bad thing. Wiolfenstein as a video game series has always been very cheesy in the best of ways starting with the first game in which the final boss is Robot Hitler. Sometimes a little bit of absurdity is a nice change of pace from the overly seriuose story lines that have been flooding the gaming world as of recent. Things have pretty much stayed the same here in that most of the time you find yourself battling comically out of place robots and cyborg dogs. If you are looking for story that will change your views on the world, look else where. Nazi’s suck so you shoot them pretty much sums up the game.


Though there are certain parts of the game that get a bit heavy handed and it takes away from some of the absurd charm that is come to be known as Wolfenstein. Some of it is very well done but a lot of it is a bit heavy handed and mixed with the sometimes bad dialogue is why I gave this part a 3.


The Music

This is also one of the weaker parts of the game in that the music doesn’t really have any unique tone to it at all. Its pretty much generic background music tossed in. Not to say the music is bad but its just not as memorable the original Wolfenstein 3D’s soundtrack was. I cant honestly even remember the melody to any of the levels and I just got done playing the game. So to sum it up its about average in the soundtrack department.


The Game-play

The game-play and mechanics to this version of Wolfenstein are probably the best in the series. It does a great job at balancing many different play styles. When I first starting playing this game I thought that right away this was going to be a standard FPS run and gun but was surprised to find out that the game also has a great stealth mechanic. I personally am a sucker for stealth games so this was a great addition. You can run through entire levels with guns blazing or secretly sneak and assassinate everybody with out alerting anyone.


I kinda wish there was a scoring system at the end of missions like some other FPS games of recent just because the duality of the game play seems like it would benefit from that but its not necessary. Solid 4/5 for the game-play.




I haven’t had this much fun playing an FPS in a long while. There is not many things more enjoyable then hunting Nazi’s with a laser rifle or banging in a secret bunker in Berlin. If your looking for a not so challenging FPS with cheese and fun then take a look at Wolfenstein The New Order. The range of weapons and mechanics will make sure you don’t get board easily.


Wolfenstein The New Order is available on all major consoles and is out now.