While you can download the game from the Toribash website, Nicalis, Inc., announced that the funky little fighting game is now available on Steam–and still free-to-play.

Don’t know what Toribash is about? Neither did I, but after looking at some Youtube videos, it seems like one of those games just can have some ridiculous fun with. Developed by Nabi Studios, Toribash is a fighting game on a turn-based system. Players have complete control over the muscles in the fighter’s body and the game focuses on creating little martial arts movies. you can plan out every single move step-by-step and then watch the fight unfold in either its awesome and awkward glory.

Regarding the game’s move to Steam, Nabi Studios martial arts master Hampus Soderstrom said, “Steam is going to be amazing for Toribash. Even just getting access to the built-in auto-update has made rolling out new features faster and easier. Having achievements pop up in real time is very cool too. We had always planned to do a friend list with some kind of messaging system, but it never came together because the overhead was just too much for a game like Toribash. With Steam, though, we get access to a great friends system, much better than the one we have in Toribash right now.

Toribash includes a number of different features including cross-platform multiplayer, single-player sandbox training, thousands of mods and scripts, private dojos, thousands of items, and lots of character customization just to name a few.

Here’s the link to it on Steam.