In an age where no great thing is free from corporate intrests, it appears that YouTube (and subsequently Google) is acquiring the very successful video game streaming platform Twitch for a whopping $1 Billion.

For now, there is no official, word, but the rumor seems to be on good faith. So far, neither Twitch nor Google has made an official statement. The rumor itself comes from “sources familiar with pact”, says Gamespot.

Intrerest is brought up as Google acquiring Twitch could be in violation of anti-trust laws, as Google already possesses the most popular video website in the world. Twitch recently ranked as the 4th highest traffic website in the world, beating out Hulu, Valve and even Facebook.

The idea of a much larger corporation sweeping in doesn’t sound that outlandish. There is also word that Microsoft showed interest in acquiring Twitch as well.

In my opinion this could go either way. On one hand, Google Plus would most certainly be shoehorned into Twitch’s set-up, but it can’t be worse than what they already have. I just hope it doesn’t interfere with my terrible PS4 streaming (that you can totally watch and subscribe to) over at Play For True.