Oh Square Enix. How your love affair with mobile devices grows stronger and stronger.

The Final Fantasy games have been making the trip over to iOS and Android for awhile now and it seems like Final Fantasy VI will be the next one to hit this winter.

Square Enix director and producer Takashi Tokita says that much like the past titles that were released on mobile, Final Fantasy VI will not be a straight port; this will include a revamp to the graphics and the battle system which will be easier to manage. The game is also said to be easier as far as grinding is concerned. I don’t know about you, but I never did too much grinding in that game. Final Fantasy VI was pretty balanced like that. so I don’t know why they did that.

Tokita went on to state that there would be more and more Final Fantasy games heading to mobile devices including VII, VIII, IX, and even further beyond that. The next one to be released will be Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, the sequel (unnecessary sequel too many) of Final Fantasy IV that was released to the Wii and in a double pack for the PSP.

Personally, I never know what to make of these mobile ports of Final Fantasy games but maybe that’s because I’m kind of cynical when it comes to mobile games. I do wish Square Enix would place attention elsewhere, but I’m also a little glad that some of these old classics are reaching new audiences. Final Fantasy VI is my favorite FF game alongside Final Fantasy IX and if a different crowd of gamers can enjoy it, I guess that’s a success. Now, if only Square Enix wouldn’t price it too high (yeah right, huh?).