Today, in an unexpected twist, Nintendo decided to announce a new handheld console. The announcement came out of nowhere and has most Nintendo fans at least a bit confused (I know I am quite confused, hence why I am taking the time out of my day to write this fantastic article). Nintendo announced the 2DS, a tablet like handheld console. The Nintendo 2DS will be similar to the 3DS in terms of interface and the fact that they will play the same games (both 3DS and DS games), but there will be a few key differences.The main difference will be the lack of a 3DS setting, hence the name 2DS (isn’t Nintendo so clevar…?) For most of the other differences, just take a look at the new design.

As you can clearly see, there are quite a few core differences between the 2DS and Nintendo’s other DS models. First off, the thing doesn’t seem to bend in half. I don’t know if Nintendo was going for a more “tablet-like” design with the 2DS, but they have definitely taken away the ability to fold the handheld in half. You can also notice the enormous L and R bumpers on the upper corner, another big difference between the 2DS and its predecessors. I don’t know about you guys, but I am definitely iffy about this design.

The 2DS will be available for purchase on October 12th for $129.99 (in both red and blue). Now that we have the announcement out of the way, it’s time for me to totally demolish this console with my finely chosen words (Trust me, this article is about to get really negative really fast).

When I first got the press release from Nintendo about this new handheld, I almost thought they were kidding. Why they would be joking around about something like this is beyond me, but I had serious doubts that it was true. I started seeing articles popping up at various other news sites confirming the news, so I had to start reflecting on the reality that Nintendo was seriously going to produce this monstrosity and sell it to the gaming market. My biggest question today: Are the Big Wigs at Nintendo Experimenting with Drugs?

First of all, we have to look at the design of this new 2DS. In the past, Nintendo dual screen handhelds have had a pretty similar scheme in terms of design. They all have two screens, both of which are located on two separate parts. This model has been very successful, making the console itself very portable and compact, while also having big enough screens to make it great for handheld gaming. For some reason, Nintendo has decided to stray away from this model with the 2DS, adapting more of a “tablet-like” model. Judging by the picture, the console is going to be relatively huge (for a Nintendo handheld) and very awkward. I mean seriously, look at that thing. Just thinking about holding it in my hands makes me cringe. It looks like it might be one of the most uncomfortable things to hold that I have seen in my entire life. Not to mention the fact that it looks impractical as hell. I feel like there is going to be major issues when it comes to using the bottom screen, considering the fact that you have to either completely re-position your hands (or hold it with one hand…which would suck considering how heavy that thing looks…). The design is just plain bad, something that we have come to NOT expect from Nintendo.

The biggest question behind this mysterious Nintendo handheld is a very simple one: Why? Why is Nintendo deciding to manufacture a console that’s whole purpose (if you can even call it a purpose) is something that can be accomplished by flicking a switch on hardware they already have (Some freaking amazing hardware, at that)? The 3DS is an amazing piece of hardware (in both design and playability), so it doesn’t make sense to create a whole new console when the same effect can be accomplished by simply turning off your 3D switch. However, when you think about it, Nintendo does have a reason that’s more obvious than I originally thought (though it’s still not exactly a good reason….). The 2DS is made for mothers to buy for their small children, simple as that. If you think about it, it makes sense. There’s a good chance a mother would think about how the 3D in the 3DS would affect their children’s eyesight and brain function. 3D is known to cause chronic headaches and mess with your vision. Their kids still want to play Nintendo DS and 3DS games (That’s their main market for the console as of now), so what do the mothers do? They buy a 2DS, a console that gives their kids the entertainment they desire without the adverse effects of 3D. Yeah, while that’s the (most likely) reasoning behind the 2DS, I still don’t particularly get it. I don’t see Nintendo making much money off of the 2DS, especially considering that terrible design and the fact that it basically serves no purpose. I’m sure Nintendo has a different view, though.

Overall, I don’t see this going well for Nintendo. While I think they should focus all of their efforts into their handhelds (that’s a story for another time), I don’t think this is the way to go about it. While the 2DS may have a market (I guess….?), it just seems totally pointless to release an entire handheld console to cater to a market that will most likely still buy the product that you already have, especially considering their capabilities are almost identical. I guess we will have to wait and see what actually happens with the new 2DS.

Are you thinking of picking one up? Is it as dumb as I think it is? Tell me in the comments section below!