While Japanese gamers are already enjoying the HD remaster of the beloved original title in the Kingdom Hearts series, gamers in the US and Europe have less than a month until launch on September 10 and 13 respectively.


With enough effort, this crown could be yours (also available in Platinum).

Since I pride myself in fully completing every Kingdom Hearts game on the hardest difficulty, I couldn’t help but check what trophies will accompany the current-gen rerelease. Since personal achievement in the pre-PS3/360 RPG’s was measured in having “Perfect” save files to show off to friends, the existence of achievements and trophies better delineate what specifically the developers imagine ‘completion’ entails. With that said, let’s jump into the 56 trophies in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD.

Right off the bat, there are three difficulty specific trophies that do not stack. That means getting the Platinum will require three separate playthroughs on Beginner, Final Mix, and Proud Modes. This may sound unfortunate for some, but as you will see shortly, you’ll want to play through the game on Beginner anyway to grab some of the more challenging trophies. The trophies scale by difficulty from Bronze to Gold for these three trophies.

The three challenging trophies I mentioned above are Unchanging Armor, Undefeated, and Speedster. Unchanging Armor requires you to clear the game without changing armor once, Undefeated requires that you complete the game without using a continue, and Speedster requires that you complete the game in under fifteen hours of play time.

Of the three, Undefeated is the least worrying because reloading from a save after death does not void the trophy. This means that if you die, don’t press ‘continue’ but instead just load from a recent save. Unchanging Armor and Speedster, though, might be too challenging to complete on Proud Mode. Completing the game within fifteen hours may seem daunting, but it’s not as difficult as it sounds on Beginner. Just push through the game as quickly as possible and skip Atlantica (or Halloween Town if you prefer swimming and the Ursula boss fight for some godforsaken reason). Unchanging Armor is not so difficult on Beginner, either, as you begin the game with 8x Power Ups and Guard Ups and 4x AP Ups. These make up for the lackluster attack of the default Kingdom Key and inability to equip powerful armor, not to mention the game is on Beginner so it’s not too difficult anyway.


Uhhhh…. spoilers?

Five bronze trophies are allotted for defeating each of game’s secret bosses. Those who played only the US release of Kingdom Hearts will remember four of them, while one was added to the Japanese Final Mix release. I won’t bother spoiling them here, but none of the fights are too challenging if you take the time to memorize attack patterns and study up a bit online.

There are also quite a few trophies associated with the Coliseum tournaments. Completing each of the four cups nets you a bronze trophy, while completing at least one solo challenge and at least one time challenge for any cup also earns two bronze trophies. You’ll be spending quite a bit of time in the coliseum for the Level Counter Limit trophy anyway, which requires that Sora reach level 100, so go for these trophies in your Final Mix or Proud mode playthroughs.

In terms of collectable and grind-centric trophies, these don’t appear too difficult. Millionaire requires that you hold over 10,000 munny and Treasure Hunter requires that you open 100 chests. Both of these should come naturally in your Proud Mode playthrough if you’re aiming for the tournament and level cap achievements. Heartless Hunter, too, is quite easy, as defeating 2000 heartless may seem daunting but is really a snap taking a couple runs through the Hades Cup into account. There are also bronze trophies associated with acquiring all keychains, staves, and shields. This will require the Ultima Weapon, of course, as well as tournament-specific weapon unlocks, so look to acquire these trophies on your master playthrough.


Players earn Bronze trophies by simply sealing keyholes on any difficulty.

Story-related and generally unmissable bronze trophies are attached to sealing the keyholes in each world, including Hollow Bastion and the 100 Acre Wood. Completing Jiminy’s Journal for the bronze Complete Record trophy, through, is a bit more daunting. The good news for trophy collectors, though, is that completing the journal is tied to six more bronze trophies, awarded upon completion of the Story, Character, Ansem’s Report, Dalmatians, Trinity Marks, and Minigames sections of the journal.

Of the six aforementioned sections, Story, Character, and Ansem’s Report will come naturally through pursuing other achievements. Finding each of the Dalmatians requires revisiting certain worlds after acquiring abilities like High Jump and Glide, but none of the chests are particularly well hidden. Triggering all of the Trinity Marks, too, requires revisiting some areas and necessitates having Donald and Goofy in your party. As far as Minigames are concerned, be sure to return to Deep Jungle and play the Jungle Slider and Vine Swinging minigames, as they are not available during your first romp through the world.

Having completed a (near) ‘Perfect’ save file for the original Japanese release of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, I can assure you that the bronze King of Synthesis trophy will require quite a bit of work. Completing all synthesis items, culminating in crafting the Ultima Weapon, is tougher in the Final Mix version of the game because the items now require materials dropped from gimmicky heartless exclusive to the later release. Taking a trial and error approach to some will work fine, but others, like the Pink Agricus in Deep Jungle, will require a deep understanding of the enemy and most likely some internet study. I managed to do it in Japanese with the help of YouTube guides and I’d still recommend that approach even in English. Like the journal trophy, there are intermittent bronze trophies (four in total) as you complete more and more synthesis items.


Oh Gummi Ship, how I hate you…

Finally, we come to the only trophies that I am actually dreading to complete: Gummi Ship missions. There are seven in total, all bronze ranked. Gummi Ship Collector requires that you, surprise, collect all Gummi Ship blueprints. Visit Geppetto’s workshop in Traverse Town often later in the game to receive some special blueprints and acquire the rest through defeating heartless ships. Customizer is easy, as it only requires customizing a Gummi Ship, and Flying Ace requires that you destroy over 2500 enemy ships. A lot, I know, but it will come naturally as you go for the next four Gummi-centric trophies.

The Top Ace trophy, along with the Test Pilot, Top Pilot, and Ace Pilot trophies, requires that you complete all Gummi missions. Unfortunately, I can’t give specific advice for these besides to complete them on Beginner (after completing the game within 15 hours of course), since the harder difficulties reduce damage dealt and significantly increase damage taken from enemy ships. I never bothered to attempt the Gummi Ship missions in the first game and I am certainly not excited to do so now. All I can do is wish you luck in braving what I consider a dreadful minigame, at least so far as the first game is concerned.

Once you acquire all 55 Silver, Bronze and Gold trophies, the KINGDOM HEARTS Complete Master trophy will pop, granting you the beloved Platinum you worked so hard for. At this point, you definitely earned it! I imagine the Platinum will take about 70-80 hours total for players already familiar with the game.

Good luck, and make sure to pick up Kingdom Hearts: HD 1.5 ReMIX when it hits stores on September 10!