Call of Duty fans have been waiting for this moment since it was announced a few weeks ago. Activision finally held their multiplayer reveal event, where they have revealed and detailed the highly anticipated multiplayer for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Interested as to what this mode will hold? Will it be anything different from the previous CoD multiplayers? Will there be dogs? Can you shoot the dogs? Why would anyone shoot a dog? What does Ryan think about Call of Duty: Ghosts and their entire multiplayer reveal? If you want those questions answered (especially the last one, since I know you all care dearly about what I have to say), I suggest you read on. Read on people, read on.

During the event, Activision’s CEO explained how Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to focus on three major pillars, the first of which being your soldier. There’s going to be a much bigger emphasis on character customization, giving you the option to create a soldier. Yes, it’s going to be like an RPG up in this business. You can customize your face, body type, gender (yes, you can be a woman) and other things too. You can bring yourself into the game, which is something Infinity Ward and Activision are priding themselves on with this Call of Duty installment. Honestly, this was just about the only cool thing to come out of the entire reveal (that may just speak to how uninterested I am in Call of Duty: Ghosts). I like being able to customize my characters, especially in a big game like this. Whether it’s being able to change my gender or give myself a cool hat, it improves the experience over being a carbon copy of every other character in the game. Plus, I mean, you can be a woman. Look at that, guys. Infinity Ward is including the ability to have a strong woman in their games. Please, point and congratulate them on this miraculous innovation. (Can you not, though?)

The second pillar is the world, which relates to the various maps you will be able to play on. The biggest change they are making is the addition of dynamic maps, which are maps that change as the match goes on. While it’s nothing ground breaking, it will make each match different (and instead of memorizing how a map is laid out so you can camp, you’re also going to have to memorize the various changes that occur. Though it won’t matter much, since I’m sure you little shits are still going to camp. I mean, it is Call of Duty, after all. This will all be even more enhanced by Call of Duty’s next generation engine, their newest engine. Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to be the most graphically advanced game in the series, which should be interesting to experience.

COD Ghosts_Strikezone Environment

The third and final pillar is the ability to take Call of Duty with you wherever you go. With Call of Duty: Ghosts, Activision and Infinity Ward are going to put a huge emphasis on mobile integration, making it so you can take your stats, loadouts and experience with you no matter where you are. Call of Duty: Elite connected CoD gamers when it came out two years ago, but it doesn’t end there. The services are going to get better, taking mobile integration to a new level. One of the biggest things, though, is the ability to take your profile from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One (since you’re all getting an Xbox One at launch…right?). You can stalk your friends, make loadouts and do various other things that weren’t detailed in the conference. Personally, I don’t like how major games are including intense mobile support for their titles. While it is the future of gaming (connecting everything through a convenient platform), it just adds a bunch of unnecessary things that most people won’t care about. In this situation, I don’t see a lot of players using it. However, that may only be because I see Call of Duty players as a degenerate race that couldn’t even get a mobile tablet to work…(I think I’m a bit too cynical). Hopefully these features enhance gameplay, rather than get in the way of it. That would be the best case scenario.

Now we can talk about the things I know you are all very excited for: The New Stuff. Call of Duty: Ghosts will introduce a lot of new things to their multiplayer. Whether it’s something small like the dual render scope (scope that keeps peripheral vision), the Marksman Rifle class or the new killstreaks, or something bigger like new game modes, there’s going to be a lot of new. Speaking of new game modes, let’s take a look at some of those (there’s going to be like, 7+ new modes).The first new game mode is Cranked, a new play on TDM. Whenever you get a kill in Cranked, a 30 second timer starts. If you don’t get a kill before that timer runs out, you explode. Here’s the catch: You also get faster. Cranked is going to have some pretty high octane fighting, which is going to strain anyones brain. A second new mode is Search and Rescue. Search and Rescue is going to be a variation of Search and Destroy with some key changes. Whenever you die in this mode, you drop your tags. If a teammate picks them up, you revive. If an enemy does, you don’t respawn. You have to focus on not only the objectives, but picking up tags. Can you handle it? On top of these individual game modes, Infinity Ward revealed an entire new dynamic to the CoD multiplayer scene called Squads. As you can most likely tell by the name, Squads is a game type that revolves around you creating a squad of 10 members (totally customizable to your liking) and taking that squad into battle. Within the category of squads, there are going to be individual game types, including (but not limited to) Squad v Squad, Wargame and Safeguard. Each of these individual game modes will give you an opportunity to play with your squad, customize them to compliment your game style, as well as get owned by the apparently amazing AI that Infinity Ward has cooked up (seriously, they made these AI like they were real players…side striding, camping, jump shotting, etc). It’s bound to be an interesting experience to say the least. Along with these various new game modes, Infinity Ward is adding a lot of new gameplay mechanics to the mix, such as mantling (jumping over objects without breaking momentum), contextual leaning (leaning around a corner without a button press), knee sliding (self explanatory), as well as tons of audio support (teammates will tell you where enemies are, bullets make different sounds depending on where they come from, etc). Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to have a lot of new stuff when it comes to multiplayer, which should help make it a bit different than what we have seen in the past (HA, that was a joke. Did you get it? DID YOU? Oh wait, you can’t sense sarcasm through text…damnit).

COD Ghosts_Octane Environment

The last thing Infinity Ward made sure to mention was the rigorous clan support that they planned on including in Call of Duty: Ghosts. This was the second most interesting thing they talked about during the conference, outside of the character support (why am I so stuck on that damn character customization…). To sum things up, there’s going to be a lot of benefits to having a clan in Call of Duty: Ghosts. The clans are going to be integrated heavily with mobile devices, creating a (kind of…) room where you can go to plan matches, talk to your clan mates and hate on the clans you pwned in the previous match. From there, you can also create different clans, betray your friends to join a different clan, and manage all sorts of things. Mobile devices are going to be where clans are at (while you can still do all of this on your console as well). Besides actually playing matches with your clan, there’s going to be a new Clan War system that will have you working together to try and take over an entire area. Every two weeks, your clan will be paired up with a couple others, all of which will be around your size, level, near you geographically, etc. You will then compete to take over the area of land you are placed on. Every time you have a match, you will do various things that go towards certain goals. When your clan is the first one to reach enough of these “goals”, you will take over an area. At the end of the two weeks, you will get clan points depending on how many pieces of land you own. In theory, it’s a cool system, but will it flourish? Personally, I could never get into clans. I don’t know, there was just something about gaming with a giant group of people that really turned me off. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting together with 2-3 of the Kaboomshark crew and taking to The Last of Us, but any more than that and it gets to be a little too much. Plus when clans get competitive, I bail out. Games should be played for fun, not for competition. I think I am in the minority with that opinion, aren’t I?

After watching the entire reveal (and making this big ass post filled with details and opinions), my opinions of Call of Duty have not changed in the slightest. I still have no plans of picking up Call of Duty: Ghosts, nor do I have any plans of playing the game with my various groups of friends. I just can’t help but wonder why Activision held this event, and furthermore why so many people cared so much about the multiplayer reveal for a game that they would have bought regardless of whether Activision made this big of a deal over it. No matter how many “new” features the developers continue to add into Call of Duty MP, the underlying gameplay will be virtually the same. It will continue to be an above average first person shooter, it will continue to have people camp on the maps to get kills, and it will continue to provide no real innovations that will improve its gameplay at all (and no, new gameplay modes that make thing faster and add a kill clock do not count as innovations or improved gameplay). I can’t stand how stagnant the MP modes in games like this have become, hence why I have taken such a liking to The Last of Us and its multiplayer. There’s a huge stealth element involved in The Last of Us, and they incorporated that into its multiplayer. You can’t just run and gun, you actually have to strategize to take out your opponents. I know that’s not the kind of system that Call of Duty’s multiplayer is going for, but at least it’s something different. Not that it matters, though. I know each and every one of you is still going to buy Call of Duty: Ghosts and play the multiplayer until the next Black Ops game comes out (tis the gaming community at its finest). It just makes me wonder who really cares about the multiplayer reveal, considering it won’t have a significant effect on people’s decision on whether they’re gonna get the game. They were already going to get it, regardless of how many shiny new modes they added.

COD Ghosts_Maniac Blindside

Call of Duty: Ghosts hits shelves on November 5th for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, with releases on PS4 and Xbox One happening at a later date. After reading about all the new features and seeing the reveal itself, did it get you more excited for Ghosts? Am I crazy for not liking Call of Duty? Go ahead and roast me in the comments section below, or tell me I have nice hair. It’s up to you, guys.