Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale released last fall for both PS3 and PS Vita. Yeah, is it starting to come back to you? It was that one “Sony Smash Bros” game that was met with relatively “meh” reviews. Oh, you remember now? Okay, we’re on the same page. Yeah, I am sorry to break it ┬áto you, but the game is dead, ended, burried 6 feet below the dirt. It made a decent enough run, but nothing Sony chose to do made much effect on saving the brawler. The final nails were put in the coffin today, though. Courtesy of IGN, we have new information that DLC production has completely stopped for Playstation All-Stars, bringing an end to almost all existent interest in it. Come on, Sony. You didn’t even try.

Right off the bat, Playstation All-Stars was met with some pretty mixed reviews. Nobody thought the game was beyond incredible, but not many people totally hated it. It sold more on it’s concept than anything, being a fighting game that featured all of Sony’s most epic characters. I know that’s why I bought it. Since it was met with such weird reviews, in order to create a continued interest in the game (considering the gameplay itself gets extremely boring extremely quickly), Sony had some work to do. However, their plan didn’t really have much effect.


DLC was going to be the biggest thing when it came to supporting Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. And at that, character DLC should have been the main focus. While the released stages were kinda cool, the big price tag and their general irrelevance should have pushed them on a back burner when it came to priority. While Superbot was still on the project, we saw the release of both Isaac Clark and Zeus, the only DLC characters that will ever be released. I don’t know how most people felt, but they really rekindled an interest for me. After I realized that the “competitive scene” was non-existant (and not even that enjoyable), I only played when I could get 4 of my friends together. I used random too, considering no character was noticeably more fun than the others (besides Fat P…before they nerfed her). That’s what made these new DLC characters so important; they were like a breath of fresh air into a pretty boring game. They were necessary in order to keep interest. When Sony decided to create DLC stages instead of focussing all of their energy on creating new characters (the thing that would keep people playing their game), it was obvious that things were going downhill. This noticeable disregard to produce what the fans wanted is one of the biggest reasons that we are not going to be enjoying more Playstation All-Stars DLC. Sony just didn’t put enough effort into it, even if it may have been warranted.


The other place that Sony dropped the ball when it came to Playstation All-Stars was their attempts to balance the game, which may have been better off left alone. When the game first hit shelves, it was almost like they didn’t beta test the game at all. Kratos and Sack boy were extremely overpowered, Fat Princess could easily combo into her level one and some characters built up AP far too quickly. It was extremely unbalanced, so Superbot decided to release some balance patches. This would have been fine, had they not completely missed almost all of the major issues (namely Kratos). There were a few more patches, but they did more harm than good. They nerfed characters that didn’t need it, buffed characters that were already good, and still managed to neglect nerfing Kratos into oblivion. In my personal opinion, the balances released thus far have done more harm than good. Which makes me even more concerned that Sony is putting more effort into releasing more balance patches (which they have planned, according to IGN), than trying to get more people playing the game. However, did Sony really make an unwarranted decision when it comes to how they decided to support Playstation All-Stars?

The answer to that question would be a resounding “no”. While Sony didn’t seem to put much strategic effort into supporting Playstation All-Stars, they really had no reason to. The game had decent sales, but they had much more profitable projects to be focussing effort on rather than supporting a “meh” game. Should Sony have released more downloadable characters? Yes. Should Sony have tried harder to release better patches? Yes. Did Sony have any reason to put forth any more effort than they did? Sorry, but they didn’t. Because of this, it’s really no surprise to see the game go.

R.I.P Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, you will not be missed.