There’s a new game that’s going to take a shot at the whole Kickstarter deal. The first ever IP from Firing Pin Games, titled Will to Survive, is in need of some crowd funding.Their goal is at 20,000 euros (around $30,000), which isn’t that much when you compare it to other crowdfunding goals (especially the $600,000 needed for some Skullgirls DLC). It’s a pretty cool game to support, too (once you realize what it’s all about).

Set in a world that has just experienced an alien invasion, you play as Will, a crafty little survivor. The game is an RPG that plays in real time, providing a more exciting (and difficult) scenario. By real time, it is implied that things can happen while you are not there, you cannot pause the game and you can die at any time. The whole goal is nothing more than to survive by any means necessary. This can come down to rationing supplies, managing your defenses or staying out of harms way. There’s one more catch, too. Once you die, that character is done. Yes everyone, it has permadeath.

If this seems like something you’d be interested in, go ahead and watch the video below. Hell, you can even go over to their kickstarter page if you’re feeling extra raunchy.

Will to Survive is planned to release on PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya (with a PS Vita port as a stretch goal).