Ha! None of you realize it yet, but I feel pretty damn awesome about myself because unlike my colleagues, I saw this coming. When I finished Bioshock Infinite, the only thing I could think about was what they could possibly come out with in terms of DLC. They could obviously do things such as explore different Booker x Elizabeth timelines, expand upon their original ideas (the ones seen in the E3 demos that everyone seemed to love, or release an arena based pack that puts you in random firefights across the city of Colombia (Oh wait, they are actually doing that…it’s available today on Steam). However, none of that was going to be enough for me. I wanted one thing, and one thing only. I wanted to make the trip back to Rapture (I mentioned it to the various KS writers and they told me I was crazy). Thanks to the beautiful people at Irrational Games (Oh my, do I love them), this is going to be a reality.

Before we get into that, Irrational does have some other DLC coming. Available on Steam today, Clash in the Clouds will give you a competitive scene to put your Bioshock Infinite skills to the test. This individual DLC offering will put the player against 15 waves of enemies across 4 new areas in Colombia. These new maps are going to expand upon the already beautiful landscape that is Colombia. As if that wasn’t enough, there will also be leaderboards to track your progress against your friends, secret voxophones that expand upon Rosalind Lutece’s backstory and new behind-the-scenes video and concept art. While this DLC isn’t for me, I’m sure a lot of people will. Now, lets get back to Rapture.


Along with the news of the Clash in the Clouds DLC, Irrational announced what could be considered any gamer’s wet dream (those gamers who played Bioshock, anyways). They’re developing a DLC that not only brings gamers back to Rapture, but gives them a chance to play through the eyes of Elizabeth, everyone’s favorite AI character. Titled Burial at Sea, this DLC offering is going to be exactly what anyone could have asked for when it came to Bioshock Infinite DLC. In part 1 of Burial at Sea (yeah, it’s going to be a two part offering), you will play as Booker. You’ve been hired by Elizabeth (who may seem a little bit different than before) in order to do some sort of work before Rapture’s downfall. You’ll get to see Rapture at its prime, as well as interact with some new characters (some old ones as well). And get this: There’s going to be Big Daddies. You can see everything in the teaser trailer that I will post below this paragraph. In the second half of Burial at Sea, you get to play as Elizabeth. Nothing has really been revealed about what that has to offer, but in an interview with Ken Levine (done by Destructoid), he revealed that it will focus more on “survival horror and stealth mechanics.” If that doesn’t rustle your jimmies (or your lady jimmies), then I don’t know what will.

Now, as awesome as that sounds, there is still one thing on my mind. How will this newest DLC offering affect the (already ridiculously confusing) story that Bioshock Infinite told. See, here’s how I see it (this is my opinion on Infinite’s story, so if you see it differently feel free to comment in the comment section below). There are infinite timelines in Bioshock Infinite, all of which hinder on whether Booker chooses to get baptized. When Booker doesn’t get the Baptism, he stays as Booker, has Elizabeth and she gets taken by Comstock. In these timelines, Rapture exists. When Booker takes the baptism, he becomes Comstock, steals Anna, renames her Elizabeth and Colombia exists. In the DLC, it seems that Elizabeth exists to the point where she wants Booker to do some PI work down in Rapture. This is great, but how does Elizabeth exist in this world where both Booker and Rapture exist? While Irrational could explain it by having Elizabeth be a totally different person, or by saying Comstock sent her through a tear to do some research in Rapture, it will just open up more holes than anything (and trust me, the story doesn’t need any more holes). Also, it brings into question whether the significant drowning at the end of Bioshock Infinite actually had any effect at all. When all those other Elizabeths disappeared, did it actually end anything? Did Booker die in vain? See, plotholes up the wazoo.

Here’s what I think is the most likely explanation. The team at Irrational didn’t have story in mind when coming up with this DLC. Instead of focussing on tying up or tearing apart story, they just wanted to make some amazing DLC that the fans of their game were going to love. I mean, come on. Going back to Rapture with both Booker and Elizabeth is completely worth it causing even more problems with the story, right? No matter what story DLC they released, it wasn’t going to make any sense when you compare it to the main storyline. Hell, almost every theory about the main storyline is all speculation anyways (Ken Levine, you bastard!). Regardless of whether anything makes sense from a story point of view, this DLC is going to be awesome and I couldn’t be any more excited for it. However, I guess you get to decide whether you feel the same.

Bioshock Infinite’s Buried at Sea DLC will be available at a later day which has not been announced.

Do you guys care what the Buried at Sea DLC is going to do to Bioshock Infinite’s story? Do you have any theories about how it could all tie together? Feel free to leave me something in the comment section below. Come on guys, bring it on.