How many of you are waiting on a new Legend of Zelda game to come to the Wii U? [waits for hands to raise]

I thought so. After all, besides Mario, The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most prized franchises and is one of the top earners for the company. That tech demo shown years ago at the Wii U unveiling got people pumped up for sure so I know people are quite eager. Of course, from eagerness rises rumors and this set of rumors comes from 2ch and was posted through Gamefaqs and Blogocio. All I can say upon reading the list is holy crab apples. Why don’t I list some of them for you:

  • Graphics will look like the 2011 tech demo graphics. Supposedly, the tech demo is pre-alpha footage.
  • This game will be a direct sequel to the Gamecube/Wii title, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
  • This addition will be open-world. Previous games were quite open, but you were always restricted still. Developers are aiming to make the world as complete as possible (so hopefully no long walks to pad game time then?).
  • Motion controls would be dropped and it will utilize Wii U Gamepad functionality (I would expect this anyway).
  • There will be 10 dungeons. The first five can be done in any order. Afterwards, the next five would open up and then you can do those in any order. Supposedly there would be a thing known as “Parallel Dungeons” where you’d have to multi-task across various dungeons to complete.
  • Princess Zelda would be far more involved.
  • Satoru Takizawa would serve as director of the game–thus making his directorial debut. He originally served as artistic director on Twilight Princess. He has also helped in designing artistically all games in the 3D field.
  • Back to the open world element–Aonuma supposedly wants it as big as the world in Skyrim.
  • There would be full-on voice acting for many characters and the language would be representative of Hylia.
  • There would be online co-op and DLC. Online co-op would be much in the same vein as Four Swords and DLC would include new dungeons, items, outfits, and enemies.
  • It’s said the game started development in 2010 and that the team from Skyward Sword moved on over to help after the game’s release.
  • An unveiling of the game would take place in 2014 at a major event (the rumors say E3, but Nintendo is going the more “Direct” approach).

Okay [takes a breather]…that’s quite a lot of rumors. I don’t know about you, but I feel that if even half of these end up being true once the next 3D Zelda game is unveiled, I get the feeling that this will help save the Wii U.

After all, it’s no surprise to anyone that the Wii U itself is struggling at the moment. I still think that it’s an intriguing console and I still want one. However, it’s been marred by a lack of releases, third-party support has been dropping, and people just aren’t flocking to the console (due in part to the past two reasons). I mean, we’re not even seeing a round of interesting releases for the console until next year at the moment. It’s gotten to the point where even stores are dropping them from the shelves.

I don’t think I need to go on anymore. We know all the hurt this console has been suffering. This game, if it ends up the way it’s being described above, could just be what the Dr. Mario ordered for this faltering console. Skyward Sword, while an impressive game, I have found to be somewhat divided when it came to the fan reaction. Honestly, I’m not too sure why but it might have been the general tone of the game (and maybe the motion controls. I know people are not fond of those anymore). Here though, we have the possibility of a Zelda game that not only is going back into more serious territory tone-wise, like its predecessor, but the game may also bring new fans into the fold–those who don’t normally touch Nintendo games. After all, we’re possibly dealing with an open-world adventure game that’s including everything epic about The Legend of Zelda games plus more.

Recent news has stated that Nintendo has been moving to work more extensively with indie developers. This is a nice step seeing as the indie market is growing fast at the moment; many of the better games coming out are on the indie field. However, indie games can only do so much for a console and with the Wii U’s reception as of late they may not do much.

No, what Nintendo needs is that epic game of epic proportions that just blows you out of the water and shows that the Wii U can be a top contender in this current-gen market. That game could be The Legend of Zelda Wii U. Let’s just hope that the final game might include many of these rumors…

…just don’t get your hopes up quite yet (damn those rumors for teasing us like this).

What do you think of these rumors? If the next Zelda game ended up anything like these rumors, do you think it could potentially save the Wii U? What about those of you who don’t usually play Nintendo games? Would you be attracted to a Zelda game like this?

Rumor or not--onward to new horizons!

Rumor or not–onward to new horizons!