I’m sure it’s no surprise anymore (news like this doesn’t stay out of the public eye for very long), but recently some bits of news regarding development on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII were confirmed. Famitsu covered the Premium Event in Tokyo where game director Motomu Toriyama made light of the fact that Lightning had some slight adjustments made to her design–that is boob enhancement. At the same event, and in a post made by Nobuhiro Goto on Dengeki Online, some giddy comments were made about the fact that there was boob jiggle physics being placed into the game. The game features a number of costumes that the player can place Lightning in and, supposedly, certain costumes and equipment will highlight these jiggle animations better.

I guess for better understanding, here’s some of the quotes regarding this issue from Cinema Blend. This first one is from the Premium Event:

Is it true you said you wanted Lightning-san’s size from a C cup to a D cup?

Nobuhiro Goto (Character Modeling Designer): Toriyama-san said “I want it bigger” so…

         Motomu Toriyama (Director): [What a] cop-out! (laughs)

        Goto: Yes, it was enlarged.


Was it a C cup until now? Does it even jiggle this time?

      Goto: Yes!

     Toriyama: it’s determined by clothing, like the so-called corrective underwear. (laughs)

     Masaru Suzuki (Designer): There’s an unreleased costume that exposes the l’Cie scar on her chest. Please think [carefully], is there any other information that should be disclosed? (laughs)


So there were costumes that were rejected?

    Goto: I think there are a few designs that were rejected.

   Suzuki: If reproducing the outfit proves to be difficult, then I’ll consult with the artwork designer as much as possible, but if the costume design slows down to a crawl, it gets scrapped.

And this is from the Goto comment on Dengeki Online:

“Yes, her chest jiggles. Since everyone can decide what costume she’ll wear, you can make sure it does (laughs). By the way, Since Lightning swings her arm when you change her weapon in the menu screen, that’s a recommended action for sure-fire jiggling! To see it even better it could be useful to equip a small shield. Look forward to it!”

I’ve seen my fair share of comments regarding this recent news all morning and it runs the full scale of what you’d expect. Some of the arguments being made go along the lines of “Boobs jiggle. Get over it!” Yes, that is true but I don’t think the actual problem with what’s going on is that there is boob jiggle. I don’t know the end result of the game, but I’d imagine that it wouldn’t be too extravagant (like Dead or Alive games) and it wouldn’t have been noticed too much. The problem is that the developers are attempting to call attention to it.

Bypassing the fact that the developers are so giddy and joyful about the fact that there’s boob jiggle and size enhancements (do I even need to comment on how skeevy this seems?), but the fact is is that they are trying to call attention to these additions (why else would they mention it in an interview?). It’s quite possible that in mentioning the fact that the game has boob jiggle physics and that Lightning has enhanced breasts and telling people to “Look forward to it!” that they want this to be a selling point and when you’re focusing some of your selling points on the boobs of your main character, that is sexual objectification.

This is, in the end result, a matter of poor marketing on their part. There is the absolute possibility that these additions might not have been so bad and might have been barely noticeable. Yes, boobs jiggle and it’s not the first time that they have happened in games. However, many developers out there don’t call attention to it and use it as a selling point for their game. It’s just there like it is in real life and, in that sense, portrayed in a more realistic sense.

Hopefully, Lightning’s personality and strength will not be affected in the development cycle (I really don’t think it will be because that would certainly seal the coffin for the game), but it is a shame that the developers felt that they had to place some of their selling focus on the fact that the game has chest jiggling–especially considering that Final Fantasy games have so much more going for them that can attract gamers.

What are your opinions regarding this news (and, please, keep it civil)?

Probably the best photo example of this whole issue at the moment.

Probably the best photo example of this whole issue at the moment.