For many Batman fans, including myself, this October is a time for rejoicing because a new Batman video game will be hitting the shelves called Batman: Arkham Origins. This entry to the series, which acts as a prequel, will show us gamers a Batman who is vastly inexperienced, quick to anger, and all-around much more violent with his nightly prey. Like many, I’m very psyched for this game and I will most certainly be picking it up this fall. However, I came across a little detail quite recently that, sadly, may affect the actual timeline of this “Arkhamverse” the games are taking place in.

That little detail goes as follows: Batman: Arkham Origins is set to take place FIVE YEARS before the start of Batman: Arkham Asylum. I was actually quite certain that the upcoming game would take place at least ten years before the start of Arkham Asylum, but no more than fifteen (for a clarification on the time frame, you can go to this link which states so in the first paragraph). You may think that there shouldn’t be any reason why this is a problem–plot-wise–but if you take into account all of the material presented to us centered on the “Arkhamverse”, then you may know that this little detail wouldn’t make sense in the greater picture.

arkham_unhinged_01Primarily, I’m looking at the comic book series that were released around the time Arkham City came out–namely Batman: Arkham Unhinged. Arkham Unhinged was a comic series, released digital only, that was written by Derek Fridolfs after Paul Dini recommended him to DC. The series, which transpired over several volumes, centered on events that took place after Arkham City had been opened as well as some events that took place during the events of Arkham City and some flashbacks to around the time of Arkham Asylum. You can actually find an interview Comic Vine did with Derek Fridolfs right here if you so choose.

If you’ve read the comic series, then you may know that Nightwing was present during. Yes, Nightwing wasn’t actually present in the Arkham City game but if the comics released centering on the game are to be included into the Arkhamverse (which I’m assuming they are), then Nightwing is actually present in this universe.

Batman: Arkham Origins takes place when Batman hadn’t recruited any of his partners; this game is all him from what has been heard. If Nightwing is actually present in this timeline, I find it very hard to believe that Batman adopted Richard, trained him as Robin, and then he grew up into Nightwing in a timespan of five years. There might have been an excuse for the time between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, but that’s six months time (plus I don’t think a Titan-diseased Joker would have been able to hold on for several years in his condition).

This, of course, could just be me going into a nerdy gripe and you’re welcome to think as such. However, as someone who enjoys consistent plots in a grand story, this little detail irked me just a little bit. Will that affect my purchasing the game? Hell no! I’m still willing to enjoy kicking some ass with Batman. However, I do wish that this little detail could have been considered when thinking of when to put the time prior in Arkham Origins.

What do you think of this detail affecting the plot? Do you consider the Arkham Unhinged series to be part of the greater Arkhamverse like I thought?