One of my favorite aspects of the indie gaming community (besides Phil Fish’s twitter avatar) is the sense of comradery. Indies are essentially one big family, and as such, it’s just as exciting to see cameos of famous indie characters in other indie games as it is to see Donkey Kong Jr. cameo in Super Mario Brothers 3. One of 2013’s best indie games, Runner 2 (whose subtitle would take ages to type out) is doing just that with its surprise DLC, the “Good Friends” pack.

Runner 2’s cameo centric DLC will allow you to play through the perilously fun platformer as other famous indie characters and more.

Each reveal of a character was accompanied by a cute trailer narrated by Chris Martinet.

Did you want to play Runner 2 as Raz from the cult classic Psychonauts?

How about Quote from the classic indie game Cave Story?

While Super Meat Boy won’t be making an appearance, at least we get its popular villain: Dr. Fetus.

If point-and-click is more your style, Josef from Machinarium will running along.

Down to some of my favorites, the most recently announced characters. Among them, Derek Yu’s brain child Spelunky Guy!

Hailing from almighty Valve, players will be able to run as Atlas from Portal 2‘s fantastic multiplayer mode.

Lastly, the inclusion of an invisible version of the game’s protagonist Commander Video. This aspect of the DLC looks to be for people who just don’t find the game hard enough. I welcome it.

This fun DLC will be available tomorrow (7/11) on Steam and will only cost you $3. If you have PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii U versions, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

If you want to know why you need to own Runner 2 in any of it’s forms, check out our official review!