Rambo seems like the perfect property to make a video game out of, doesn’t it? You’ve got action, stealth, exotic locations, and even in the first film where Rambo didn’t kill anybody, there’s still the opportunity for evasive thrills. Well, as this debut trailer for the upcoming Rambo: The Video Game proves, such a concept is easier said than done.

You can view the trailer below. Firstly, the visuals look like ass. Not the good kind of ass, like Sylvester Stalone’s during the hosing scene in First Blood. Rather, the kind where even the animations and framerate look suspect, and nothing seems to provide a realistic sense of impact. If the footage is anything to go by, you’ll also see a lot of scripted, non-interactive set-pieces in the vein of Call of Duty and some canned kill animations.

And then there’s the fact that in one shot, Rambo slits the throat of one of the officers searching for him in First Blood. That’s right, the developers have decided that Rambo now kills people in the recreation of the film where he doesn’t kill people. If you stick around, you’ll even see him lob a grenade at a squad of military soldiers in the town. So much for authenticity.

It looks like we have another 007 Legends on our hands, folks. I can’t claim to know exactly how Rambo: The Video Game will play out just from this trailer, since well, it is just a trailer. However, by the look of things, we’re in for another hastily made brainless and scripted first-person shooter that doesn’t make any effort to creatively transfer the guerrilla warfare style of Rambo to video game form, much less the more dramatic undertones of the first film.

Rambo: The Video Game is set for a Winter 2013 release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. It’s being developed by a Polish studio called Teyon, whose resume mostly includes golf, pinball and pet care games for the DS. Proceed with caution, people.