Some of you may remember Black Forest Games from their successful launch of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. It was released for PC in 2012, with PS3 and Xbox 360 versions to follow in 2013. That was their first project, but they weren’t going to stop there. Black Forest Games just announced that they have a new game called Ravensdale on the way, but they need your help first. They are going to start a crowd funding campaign on July 15th in an attempt to get money to finish their project.

I know, I know, who’s going to fund a game they know nothing about? I certainly wouldn’t. Well, I wouldn’t fund any game considering my status as a poor college student, but still. Ravensdale is going to be a run-n-gun type game that has more of a focus on co-op and multiplayer than most games like it. It will take place in a fantasy medieval environment, and seems to feature ogres with big guns. I don’t know what you learned when you were a child, but ogres with huge guns are badass. There’s not much footage and stuff of this one yet, so I am interested to see what they are cooking over at Black Forest Games.

If you want to know more, you can go ahead and check out their development blog here.