Jack Tretton let loose on the stage of the E3 2013 Playstation conference. While openly dissing the Xbox One, he also commented on the future of Playstation’s online community and the much beloved Playstation Plus.

One Playstation Plus membership will work across your PS3, PS Vita and PS4, allowing all Sony products to work in harmony, and reap the benefit of the popular service across all available platforms. However, Tretton confirmed that without a Plus subscription (which amounts to about $5 a month) will not be able to access PS4’s multiplayer services. However, you will be able to enjoy Single-Player titles and all of your media software, such as Netflix, or the recently announced Redbox Instant.

The online service will focus on making a better community experience with real-life friend mapping. Additionally, there will be cross-game chat, and the integration of the previously detailed share button.

This and more features came to the relief and expectations of many gamers, Sony fans and rivals alike. What do you think of new paid online on PS4?