Hello fellow gamers. E3 2013 has arrived at last and I know you are excited to hear about all the new information, especially those of you who won’t be able to catch the conferences live. For those of you who are watching live or who will be constantly checking for updates, Kaboom Shark is your source for everything E3. We will have the latest news and such, along with developer interviews, hands-on impressions (Done by the fabulous Michael Urban who will be attending the show), as well as some features done by those of us who are sitting at home watching. It’s bound to be a good ol’ time with a bunch of unique coverage.

This page will be used as a hub for everything E3 2013. Links will be posted to all our E3 articles, as well as some stories that we didn’t have the man power to cover. Basically, everything you could possibly need is here. If you like little pictures to go with your stories, you can also check our our E3 tag, which will also have all the latest E3 2013 goodies waiting for you.

E3 2013 coverage starts with Microsoft’s conference at 9 AM PDT, so get ready everyone. Shit is about to go down! We look forward to having you with us as we all enjoy E3 2013!

Monday – June 10th | Conferences: Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony

Microsoft’s Conference

Electronic Arts



Tuesday- June 11th | Conferences: Nintendo

Nintendo Direct