Well, that wasn’t supposed to happen. It’s long been known that Respawn Entertainment, a studio made up of former Infinity Ward employees, was working on something big. Today, that big something has been leaked; a next-gen multiplayer-focused shooter called Titan Fall.

The leak came from NeoGaf user Cartman86, who signed up for an online subscription to Game Informer and accidentally downloaded the July issue. Described as “a futuristic multiplayer-centric online shooter”, Titan Fall will be a mix of ground combat by foot soldiers called Pilots and large-scale devastation with mechs called Titans. Standing at 24 feet tall, the Titans are fast and formidable vehicles that can dodge and even go on auto-pilot, following you around.

However, that’s not to say the Pilots, which can be either male or female and are highly customizable, are underpowered. They can athletically run and jump around levels with parkour moves, use a variety of weapons that include Anti-Titan rockets, and can destroy the Titans by landing on top of them and shooting their ‘brains.’ The game is played in first-person, and using stealth tactics like “hit and fade” will be vital when taking on Titans.

Don’t let the multiplayer focus give you the wrong idea, though. In many ways, Titan Fall will blur the line between single-player and multiplayer. Dozens of AI-controlled soldiers will fight for both sides, and an attempt has been made to “integrate memorable single player moments into a multiplayer game.”

This means you can expect a style of team-orinted storytelling akin to Left 4 Dead. There will also be some forms of “one-player” and “campaign multiplayer” modes, though this hasn’t been elaborated upon. The art style is inspired by the likes of District 9 and Blade Runner, while the game’s story will be about segregation between the humans of Earth and the those of the Frontier Planets, with powerful corporations involved in the tangle.

On the tech side of things, the game will actually be running on a heavily modified version of Valve’s Source engine to allow for 60 fps. It will also make heavy use of cloud computing, which will power “unlimited dedicated servers for the game,” the game’s many AI characters, and the extensive physics. Supposedly, the game wouldn’t be possible without the cloud technology.

Published by EA, Titan Fall will release exclusively on the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 as part of their deal with Microsoft. The Xbox 360 version is being handled by a different studio, who Cartman86 didn’t mention. A release date is set for Spring 2014, so we can cross off another one of those eight exclusive new IPs the Xbox One will have. Stay tuned for more news on Titan Fall!