Need to chill off during this scorching summer? Or perhaps you’re just a thrill seeker, unafraid to look danger in its icy eyes? Ascend, a freeware first-person survival/adventure game in which you climb mountains, should have you covered.

Developed by the Brisbane based 2 Point 1 Studio, Ascend (officially called AscendAon for some reason) tasks you with climbing to the top of a mountain to send out an SOS via radio. You’ll do so with a grapple gun and climbing rope, and along the way you’ll have to scavenge resources such as fuel cans and health kits.

Check out the trailer below. While admittedly having simple graphics, Ascend‘s mountain climbing premise is a unique one. The grapple gun looks to make for some tense tight-roping, and if elements such as body warmth and stamina affect your character, this could be quite an immersive trek.

If that sounds like your ice-cold cup of tea, give Ascend a try by downloading it here for free. Good luck!