Starting today, Digimon Masters will add a third server known as Beezlemon. This will be the first server opened in a year and, as such, there will be an event to help commemorate the new addition.

Joymax, the publisher of Digimon Masters, will be holding an EXP event for players. Well-established servers will receive a double EXP boost along with a 30% running speed buff on weekdays and weekends. The Beezlemon server will see a double EXP boost during weekdays and triple on weekends.

The top sixty players will also receive prizes. The top 10 with the most combined levels between tamer and Digimon will get a level 5 Tanemon. The top 10 in tamer rank and the top 40 in Digimon rank will have to check the official game Facebook to see what their prizes will end up being.

You can always check the official page and Facebook of Digimon Masters for more information.