If you’ve been keeping up with the ‘Flame & Frost’ quest line in Guild Wars 2, you might be interested that you can bring this mission to a close starting today.

Paired up with Rox and Braham, you will now be tasked with striking back at the Molten Alliance with everything you’ve got. Strike at the heart of their group by taking the battle inside their weapon facilities. At the close, you’ll be faced with a hybrid enemy that will be sure to knock you down a peg.

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Along with the release of this missions’ final chapter, a number of new features will become available for you. A limited beta for custom PvP arena and a spectator mode will be open for you to try (before the actual one is rolled out in the near future). You’ll also have access to new World vs. World abilities, new guild missions, and new weapons and back banners for flying your colors out on the battlefields.

You can go to the following link to see a much more detailed and comprehensive list of what you can expect with the release of the last chapter in ‘Flame & Frost.’