No, it’s not a literal basket of goods, but if you become a new member onĀ Digimon Masters, the Digimon-themed MMORPG, between now and May 7 then you’ll receive a nice cluster of prizes to help you start off your digital journey.

You’ll receive the following items if you become a new tamer within the above mentioned timeframe:

  • 7x Inventory Expansion
  • 1x Digimon Archive Expansion
  • 7x Storage Expansion
  • 10x Jump Boosters (Yokohama)
  • 30 Day Amplification Booster (100%)
  • 20x recovery items
  • 10x Jump Boosters (Western Village)
  • Level 4 Mysterious Egg

However, if you’ve already had a reputation established as a Digimon Tamer in the Digital World, you’ll also receive goodies depending on how long you stay logged in on a given day (during the timespan leading up to May 7 of course). If you are logged in for 33 minutes, you can receive a randomized Data Box and a Chicken Combo. If you stay online for three hours in one go, you can receive a Giant Growth Fruit, a Fruit of the Goddess, and a File Island Box.