I love comic books, but I’m an even bigger fan of fighting games so Injustice: Gods Among Us seemed like it was going to shotgun it’s way into my heart and onto my console. Then I played it and my expectations were shattered, the weeks of watching the Battle Area seemed wasted, my hype had been assassinated.

injustice-batmanIn Injustice you can don the boots, cape, and spandex tights of your favorite DC Hero or Heroine and battle it out against your friends, that concept alone will capture the attention spans of all those people who have spent the last few years hoping for a way to finally show people that Aquaman isn’t a joke, or finally get to have that all out Batman Vs Superman brawl of their dreams. Which is cool, except developer NetherRealm did it before in Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe, albeit poorly.

Thankfully Injustice does play better than it’s predecessor though while the combat has smoothed out since the last time these heroes fought  there’s still something that just feels off. The inclusion of stage hazards is a nice touch. It really helps keep the game interesting and it’s always fun to watch your hero beat someone over the head with a dumpster. The new stage transitions do make the fights feel more dynamic, but I can only watch someone break 5 walls with their face so many times before I got tired of seeing it and just opted for keep my opponent in the corner instead.

Even though Injustice does offer a good romp with friends, it suffers from a major gripe that plagues all of NetherRealms fighting games: the  animation and flow of the combat. The game just feels too stiff it’s like I’m playing with superhero cardboard cutouts. The animations are so clunky, I can’t take anything I’m doing seriously while the person I’m comboing looks like they are doing a mid air backstroke when I’m punching them in the face. The gameplay is slightly improved over the even stiffer combat of Mortal Kombat (2011) but still falls short when you put it up against other games in it’s genre like Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and King of Fighters XII.

With all that being said I still had fun with the game. Is Injustice: Gods Among Us a good game? Yes, it’s just not the kind of fighter I would invest long periods into, but if you’re a fan of Mortal Kombat games then Injustice will probably be worth your time.