I made a post last week concerning the File Island update to the Digimon-themed MMO,¬†Digimon Masters, that you can find here. That time has come as the update launches today with “File Island Discovered: Part 1.”

On top of opening up a brand new environment with new Digimon enemies to conquer, players can also purchase a Gabumon (Black). Fans of the Digimon series may remember Gabumon as the partner of Matt. A Reptilian Digimon, Gabumon wears a fur pelt of its evolved form, Garurumon, to help ward off harmful Digimon.

For the time that File Island’s quests are up (from today to May 7th) and you purchase a Gabumon (Black), you can receive a Jewel Box which will contain jewels that award you EXP points. There will be six jewels in this box with each one awarding a specific amount of EXP points.

If you haven’t already, take to File Island and conquer its villainous Digimon. You only have so much time to do so. Remember, you can always check back at the official website for any updates and the like.