Tekken has gone trading card game-style on us today. Released for PC and iOS/Android devices, people can now download, for free, the app for Tekken Card Tournament.

Using cross-platform play across tablets, smartphones, and laptop devices, players can engage in combat with each other in typical Tekken style, but with cards being a large part of the action. Players will be able to build their own decks and use a “fusion system” to create new cards to use. Then, you can take to your opponent using a variation Block, Focus, and Strike cards to chain together combos and take down your opponent.

Physical cards will eventually make their way on the market and the total amount of the set will be 191 cards. Players will be able to buy booster packs and use the downloadable app to scan and transfer the cards to their collection online for use in their decks.

You can download the app at any of these following links:

Google Play
Internet Browser

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