If you’ve been engrossed with the MMORPG based around everyone’s favorite digital monsters, Digimon Masters, then you might be interested to know a new update can be accessed next week on April 9.

The update will open the way for a location known as File Island which is home to other locations like the Village of Beginning, Silver Lake, and Silent Forest. This particular location made its appearance in the first two seasons of the Digimon anime.

You’ll also be able to take on three new bosses (all of which will be quite familiar to Digimon fans). Players will have to face down Kuwagamon, the stag-beetle insect Digimon, Meramon, the flame-type humanoid Digimon, and Ogremon, a rather brutish Digimon best known for going into combat with his spiked club in tow.

Players will have until May 7 to undertake the quest associated with File Island and to bring back the Essence of Fire to the Event NPC to receive a certain reward.

You can also always check back with the official website for any particular updates in the coming future.