In news that could spark a flame in my step as I skip the trot of supreme joy, Intelligent Systems is interested in making another entry into the Advance Wars series.

Most certainly high off of the critical and commercial success of 3DS champion Fire Emblem: Awakening, the question of whether or not another Advance Wars could be seen someday is one no one should be surprised sprung up. Masahiro Higuchi, project manager on Awakening made the following statement:

“Well, whether it’s Fire Emblem or Advance Wars, we never want to put an end to any series we’re involved with. We always want to make games that provide a lot of fun to gamers, so if we have the chance, we’d certainly like to make another [Advance Wars] title.”

The dev also has stopped production of DLC for the 3DS masterpiece. More time for the creation of a new Advance Wars perhaps? Whether the game would be a dark, droomy sequel to Days of Ruin, or a colorful, silly extension of Dual Strike is up in the air. All eyes open for potential news from Intelligent Systems in the future.