AKA as the “Stinky Footboard”, this controller built primarily for PC has gone up for a good ol’ Kickstarter campaign. The goal in question will be $75,000.

You can make pledges for “Stinky” at its Kickstarter link here¬†and you can also place pre-orders as well. The footboard is scheduled to go on sale this upcoming June and will be priced at around $119.

The footboard is designed with the purpose to allow further ease of control while playing PC games. You’ll be able to use more key bindings for MMO games, increase APM for real-time strategy games, and perform multiple actions in first-person shooter games more easily like weapon selection and strafe movement just to name a few.

However, I’m sure the Youtube video itself can show you better examples of how this little item works. If you feel so inclined to give the device a look, head on over to the Kickstarter page I linked above. At the current moment, it has reached almost $8000 in backing.

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