Square Enix, as we all know, have a general habit these days of re-releasing old games onto iOS devices. Now, Final Fantasy V can be added to that mix.

Originally released only in Japan on the Super Famicom in 1992, Final Fantasy V eventually made its North American journey on the PS1 (the version that I currently own) and then further on the Game Boy Advance, Virtual Console, and Playstation Network. Final Fantasy V centered on the motley group of Bartz, Lenna, Galuf, and Faris as they set out to stop ExDeath, a powerful sorcerer.

The game was well-known for re-introducing the Job system that was last seen in Final Fantasy III. The Job System in Final Fantasy V was more customizable than in the third game with abilities and skills learned in one job able to be transferred over into other jobs as secondary skills which gave your characters more versatility in battle.

The mobile version will not only have updated visuals and a control system to fit the iOS, but the game will also contain The Sealed Temple dungeon from the Advance version and will also have super-boss Enuo. The game is currently available for purchase at $15.99. If you so wish to download and try one of the harder Final Fantasy games in existence (by my opinion), you can go here.