If you haven’t heard yet, the Nintendo 3DS has a new firmware update ready to be downloaded that will add some new features onto the online.

The first of these additions is the ability to transfer data from physical copies of games to downloadable versions of the same game so you can pick up right where you had left off. Personally, I don’t know how many people would use this since I figure people would either buy a physical version of the game OR download the game–not buy both versions. However, it’s there in the update if people were to utilize this method.

Secondly, there is an improvement for downloads. The 3DS will now be able to download items while the system is in Sleep Mode. This can be activated simply by closing the cover of the 3DS and the “Download Later” feature will activate.

Of course, not long after the news of the firmware came out, reports started flowing in that the update could cause problems, like crashes, to your 3DS system. Nintendo found out and responded as quickly as possible with a solution. If you end up encountering this issue, do the following:

  1. Turn the 3DS off.
  2. Turn it back on while holding the buttons L, R, Up, and A at the same time.

That’s pretty much it. Supposedly, this should fix the issues that you would have with the crashes.

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