It was announced back at Sony’s PS4 conference that Diablo III would be making an appearance on the PS3. Up until now, we have only seen PC footage of Blizzard’s fantastic game. A video was recently released that showcased PS3 footage of Diablo III, and it got fans of the game pretty excited.

While you can see some obvious flaws, such as¬†frame rate¬†issues and some wonky UI, fans are still deeming the PS3 version the “definitive version” of Diablo III. This may have more to do with the fact that there will be offline capabilities, something that was not offered in the PC version of the game.

No release date for the PS3 version of Diablo III has been announced at this time. I don’t know about you guys, but I will be picking this up for my PS3. I have been rearing to enter the Diablo universe since the third installment was announced, but without a good PC, I was out of luck.

For those of you who are interested, the PS3 footage can be viewed below.