I chopped down too many trees and was forced to run for my life from the guardian of the forest. I befriended a bunch of pigs, fought a bunch of spiders, and built myself a science machine. I ruthlessly hunted down rabbits, made myself a flower garland, and traveled through a wormhole to a whole new world. I even grew a pretty sweet beard.

Don’t Starve is an upcoming survival adventure title by Klei Entertainment, the same company that brought you Mark of the Ninja, Shank, and N+.

You begin your adventure by being plopped down in the middle of an unknown world by a mysterious stranger; he advises you to find food before it gets dark, then he vanishes. From this point on, you’re left on your own to explore (and survive) the world around you. The objective is simple: Don’t die. This can be done by simply surviving in the wilderness or by eventually escaping the world.

Your character must scavenge, build, and fight (or befriend) in a huge world in order to survive. The longer you live, the more experience you gain, which goes towards leveling up and unlocking various unlockables, including other playable characters. You’re left with almost no direction in the game. What little help you do receive is done via speech bubbles from your character.

The art style is dark but endearing and pleasing to the eye. The music blends with the style, and the two combined create an eerie, yet delightful environment for your character to adventure in. There’s no speaking in the game beyond sound effects, but the sound quality as a whole is actually quite good.

The gameplay is simple, and the humor is dark. Don’t Starve has the potential to be a good time waster, or you could easily lose hours playing the game. That being said, the game lacks a co-op option. While it provides plenty of game content to be played for a large amount of time, its single-player exclusivity may make it less appealing to some. The game still has a few kinks to work out (shutting down during loading screens, etc.). It’s still in beta, and Klei has been very responsive in fixing issues. The final version of Don’t Starve is something I’m strongly looking forward to.

                Don’t Starve is slated for release on Windows late this March and is available for pre-order at 20% off on Steam. Pre-ordering will grant you access to the beta, as well as snag you two copies of the game.