Ubisoft recently announced the cross promotion between Ghost Recon Online and Assassin’s Creed to celebrate the upcoming release of the Assassin’s Creed III DLC pack The Tyranny of King Washington: The Infamy (Episode one of the DLC). Ghost Recon Online players now have the opportunity to equip characters with the following exclusive Assassin’s Creed items:

  • 5 new Recon class apparel items : The signature Assassin’s Creed Hood and 4 variants of body armor
  • 6 new weapons straight from the weapon racks of Abstergo Industries’ private security forces (F2000 SP AC, Fiveseven AC, MG36 KV AC, P90 C AC, Sentinel SR-1 AC, Pentagun SP AC). These firearms boast superior accuracy and improved recoil control systems.

These items are purchasable with either Requisition Points (In-game points) or Ghost Coins (In-game currency). Bundles with savings of up to 15% are also available and all come with an exclusive avatar. All items will be available from February 11th to March 1st in the Ghost Recon Online in-game shop.

Tell us what you think about the two franchises joining together for one, big promotion down below in the comments section.