It seems like the only place to get a good scare as a gamer nowadays is to go indie. Luckily, indie makes more than enough scares to go around, and for a great deal. How does free sound?

Really freaking good.

How does Slenderman sound?

Really freaking scary.

That is right, this game is about the almighty new age urban legend Slenderman, who was made famous on the Something Awful forums and grew to internet-wide fame from fan made videos such as Marble Hornets. Now you can play the terrifying Slender from the comfort (or discomfort) of your own home.

Based on the gameplay stylings of cult hit Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the game has you searching Slendy’s stomping grounds for secret notes while avoiding Mr. Terrible himself.

View the trailer below, or click here for a download link!