To start off, lets just say that this is completely overdue. As far as indie titles in 2012 go, this is by far the one I am most excited for. Ever since I saw the first screenshots of Quantum Conundrum, I could tell that I was going to get hooked. Then I went further and watched some gameplay, and I instantly fell for the game. Since then, Quantum Conundrum has become my second most anticipated game of this year (falling only to Bioshock Infinite), so lets see why this title gets the spotlight.

From the first moment you look at Quantum Conundrum footage, it’s pretty obvious what its biggest influence is. The title is being developed by Airtight games, who have recently acquired Kim Swift. Kim Swift is the Creative Director on the project, and her influence is definitely seen. You see, Kim Swift used to work at Valve, and was one of the main people who worked on Portal. Quantum Conundrum is definitely “portal-esque”, and you can see it in both the gameplay as well as the artwork. Let me be the first one to also say that this is in no way a bad thing.

So basically, Quantum Conundrum puts you in control of a kid who has to rescue his uncle (who is a mad scientist), who has become trapped inside his own mansion. You must use a device that renders you inside of different dimensions to solve puzzles and find your uncle. Sounds simple enough, eh? Not so much. Quantum Conundrum is a puzzle platformer (oh, just like Portal) that has you using different dimensions to solve puzzles. You can do things like make everything light in order to lift objects, or slow down time to get across a bridge of falling safes. The possibilities are pretty endless, and also make for a very fun game (as far as I can see, anyways).

Overall, Quantum Conundrum looks like it is going to be a very good title. I think the fact that it is going to be similar to Portal is definitely going to help it. If you have not looked into this title yet, definitely make time to do so. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed by your findings. Now all we have to do is wait for Square Enix to announce when they are finally going to let Quantum Conundrum hit shelves.