Mass Effect 3 hit store shelves on March 6th. Finally, all the fans of the game were allowed to play the third installment of the series! You would expect them to be happy, right? As it would turn out, there is a big portion of the fan base that is not happy, and are even openly protesting the title.  On March 11th, I posted an article called “Mass Effect 3 Fans are Dumb, Petitions Circulating Regarding Ending“.  It started out as nothing more than a mere news post with a couple of my “finely worded” opinions thrown in, but based on the reactions it got, I figured I would expand a bit.

I’m just going to get this out of the way first (along with solidify my opinion on the issue) and straight up say that Mass Effect 3 fans really need to shut up and stop complaining. I get that the gaming community is usually full of people who are very opinionated and fight strongly for what they want, but this is a tad ridiculous. The fact that the community is demanding that Bioware change the ending of a game that they developed is so far out of line that it makes me seeded with rage. Is it not enough that Bioware provided us with a great game to play? Do fans really need to nit pick so hard that they get offended by the ending of the game? It’s just a little bit sad if you ask me.

Since I know you all will get angry if I don’t provide you with facts and such, I figured I should lay down some base facts now. Mass Effect 3 scored lower 90’s across the board when it came to metacritic on Xbox 360, PC and PS3 (94, 93 and 92 respectively). That would generally constitute a pretty good game, right? These scores are representative of actual reviewers; people who review games for a profession/hobby. Their opinions are trusted, and they rated the game pretty high. After this, I took a look at the user review scores for Xbox, PC and PS3 (5, 3.5 and 3.6 respectively), and then I took a look at a few of the reviews. On the PC page, 2 of the 3 latest reviews scored the game with a 5 or less. This would be fine, if their scores weren’t hinged upon the fact that the game had a bad story. I’m sorry, but I just can’t see a review as valid if they trash the game based solely upon how the game ends (you can’t trust user reviews in general considering the most recent review called the game a first-person shooter). When you compare the good scores that reviewers gave the game, and compare them to the bad scores users gave it (based upon a bad ending), it makes me ask one thing. Why can’t you just enjoy the damn game?

As you read this, Mass Effect 3 fans around the world are rebelling against Bioware, trying to get them to completely change the end of Mass Effect 3 to better fit their preferences. The official petition (taking place on Bioware’s forums) has 89% of the community (30649 people) saying that the game’s ending was crap, and only 2% (785) saying that the ending was fine. The Facebook page that is demanding Bioware change the ending is up to 16,000 likes, and the Twitter is up to 2,100 followers. Obviously the fans of the game have a problem with the ending, but I also think they have a little bit wrong in their heads as well.

First of all, I just want to know exactly what fans are trying to prove by this? Do they really think that Bioware is going to hear their cries, and literally release a patch that gives them access to a better ending? Last time I checked, that is not how game development works. I am pretty sure that the developers make the game, the consumers play the game, and every one lives happily ever after. The fact that fans are demanding Bioware change the ending is just disrespectful. Based on the above Metacritic scores, it is easy to tell that Bioware delivered a fantastic game to their fans. The game beautifully delivered a story driven game (which fans of the series have grown to love) with great characters, great gameplay, and well rendered graphics. Everything about the game screams amazing, so I really believe that the fans need to just shut up, and enjoy the piece of gold that Bioware has happily given to them. And even if they continue to complain, do you really want Bioware to pull a Capcom and release a “Super Mega Ultimate Mass Effect 3 With Alternate Endings”? That would just make them spend more money. And even if they do release a patch that gives a different ending, is it really worth buying just so you can have the game end how you want? It is completely pathetic.

My other point has me asking the question “Does the ending of a game really warrant this much uproar, and how entitled to gamer’s think that they are?” Where do gamer’s get the nerve to think that they can start directing games? Did people who disliked Avatar start petitions to make James Cameron change it? Do people do that with any movies or other intellectual properties? I think the answer is a pretty resounding “No”. Only a gamer would get the feeling that they can choose how games are developed, and at that, apparently only Mass Effect fans will go this far. Bioware should really laugh at their fans who are making these ridiculous claims. If I were a rep at Bioware, I would simply say “Oh, so you don’t like our ending? Well then, I invite you to develop a top hit game that sells multiple million copies within a few days. Please, be my guest” and just look as each and every one of the fans step back. Now, that wouldn’t exactly be the best marketing strategy, but it would get the point across quite nicely.

Now, I am expecting most of you to read this article, and just blow it off, saying that I don’t have any sort of deep connection to Mass Effect 3, so my opinion becomes invalid.

@ You clearly don’t have or EVER will have some kind of ATTACHMENT to the ME Franchise. Comparing these two don’t mae sense.
Christopher Inter

While this may be true, there are other games that people could have complained about that I do share a deep connection with. Take Bioshock and Bioshock 2 for example. Fans could have complained about the horrible ending to Bioshock, or the atrocity that was Bioshock 2 (I am sure people did), but nobody petitioned Irrational games trying to get them to change it. No matter how offended fans were, they just accepted it, and moved on to the next great title. I personally hated the ending to Bioshock, but I respected that it was a spectacular game (one of my favorites ever), and I just moved on. That’s what gamers do.

While you do have the right to protest, rally and do all these things against Bioware, I just hope that you all know you are not ENTITLED to anything. Bioware is the developer of the title, and they are the ones who decide how the game ends. They delivered you a game that scored low 90’s across the board from certified game reviewers, and people should be able to see that, and just enjoy what they were given. As fans, you have no grounds to claim that Mass Effect 3 was a bad game simply because you didn’t like the conclusion of it. To think that you do is simply childish. Please, just do us all a favor. Stop complaining. Every single one of you know that you are going to buy Mass Effect 4 regardless of this little mishap. Just put a band-aid on it, and move on.


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