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Open-World Horror Title “Grave” Coming to PS4

Grave was a cool little indie project that sought funding through Kickstarter back in April. It’s an open-world horror title that, after watching trailers, seems

October 29, 2014 PS4, PS4 News
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Destiny’s The Dark Below Detailed; Coming in December

Activision and Bungie have finally revealed concrete information regarding aspects of Destiny’s The Dark Below expansion, including details, images of new weapons, news of a

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Dying Light Cancelled on Last-Gen Consoles

Zombie enthusiasts who are still gaming on last-gen consoles will be disappointed to learn that Techlands free-running zombie game, Dying Light, will no longer be

October 29, 2014 PS3, PS3 News, X360 News, Xbox 360
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Blizzard Bans Bot Using Hearthstone Players

Blizzard has gone on a banning spree in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, removing players allegedly using third party softwares, or ‘bots’, to cheat their way through

October 28, 2014 News, PC News
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GTA V Rebuyers Get Bonuses

Rockstar has announced that gamers returning from Grand Theft Auto V on the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be able access a great deal of

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Dungeon of the Endless out Now

Dungeon of the Endless, the newest game by award-winning indie developer Amplitude Studios is out today. The rogue-like dungeon defense, Dungeon of the Endless is

October 28, 2014 PC News, PC/Mac
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Valkyria Chronicles PC Port Inbound

One of my personal favorite strategy adventures, Valkyria Chronicles, is now coming to PC. The previously PS3 exclusive classic was revealed to be making the

October 27, 2014 News, PC News, PS3 News
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New Pokemon Diancie To Be Given Out To Pokemon X and Y Players

Finally Pokemon players will be able to get their hands on the new legendary Pokemon that have been hinted around so long ago. From today

October 27, 2014 3DS/DS, News
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Pier Solar HD Has A November Release Date For Wii U

Retro RPG Pier Solar and the Great Architects has a Wii U release date of November 6th. The game’s new release date was given by

October 27, 2014 News, Wii U News
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Telltale’s Game of Thrones Still Releasing in 2014

With sights set on the recently completed The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us, little word has come of Telltale’s additionally announced

October 27, 2014 News
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New Smash Bros. 3DS Update Adds Balance and Some Other Things

It looks like online smashing will have to stop momentarily as Nintendo has released the first update for Super Smash Bros. 3DS since it launched

October 27, 2014 3DS News, 3DS/DS
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Xbox One to Receive $50 “Holiday” Price Drop on November 2nd

Microsoft has decided to lower the price of the Xbox One even further than their Kinect-less model which became available a month or two ago.

October 27, 2014 Xbox One, Xbox One News

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